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436 total members
First Name : Valérie
Last Name : d'Herbais de Thun
Affiliation : UCLouvain
First Name : Sepideh
Last Name : Daghbandan
Affiliation : University of Edinburgh
First Name : Qimiao
Last Name : Dai
First Name : Yu
Last Name : Dai
Affiliation : The University of Hong Kong
First Name : Edwin
Last Name : Dartey
Affiliation : Ohio University
First Name : Sylvie
Last Name : De Cock
Affiliation : Université catholique de Louvain
First Name : Antonia
Last Name : de Jesus Sales
Affiliation : Federal University of Santa Catarina
First Name : Nicole
Last Name : De Los Reyes
Affiliation : Georgia State University
First Name : Paul
Last Name : Deane
Affiliation : Educational Testing Service
First Name : Susanne
Last Name : DeVore
Affiliation : University of Hawaii at Manoa
First Name : Catherine
Last Name : Diederich
Affiliation : University of Basel, Department of English
First Name : María Belén
Last Name : Díez-Bedmar
Affiliation : Universidad de Jaén
First Name : Hildegunn
Last Name : Dirdal
Affiliation : University of Oslo
First Name : Vlastimil
Last Name : Dobečka
First Name : Maria
Last Name : Dogar
First Name : Eli-Marie
Last Name : Drange
Affiliation : University of Agder
First Name : Xiaofang
Last Name : Duan
Affiliation : KULeuven
First Name : Tanguy
Last Name : Dubois
First Name : Amandine
Last Name : Dumont
Affiliation : Université Catholique de Louvain
First Name : Kira
Last Name : Dunton
Affiliation : The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
First Name : Philip
Last Name : Durrant
Affiliation : University of Exeter
First Name : Nida
Last Name : Dusturia
Affiliation : University of Bremen
First Name : Deise
Last Name : Dutra
Affiliation : Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Brasil