The CECL error tagging manual for L2 French was designed within the framework of the FreeText project to error-tag a 300,000 word sample of the FRIDA (French Interlanguage Database) corpus of French as a Foreign Language collected within the framework of the project. The project’s full title is French in Context: An advanced hypermedia CALL system featuring NLP tools for a smart treatment of authentic documents and free production exercises. The project received financial support from the European Commission in the IST programme of the Fifth Framework Programme, contract IST-1999-13093. The project partners were the University of Geneva (Department of Linguistics), the University of Louvain (Centre for English Corpus Linguistics), the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (Department of Language Engineering) and the French company Softissimo. More information on the FreeText project can be found on the project’s web site:


The CECL Error Tagging Manual is available under the following conditions:

  1. The Error Tagging Manual can only be used for non-profit educational and/or linguistic research purposes.
  2. The Error Tagging Manual will exclusively be used to annotate corpora. No use of the manual can be made for other projects without the CECL’s prior consent.
  3. The list of error tags will not be reproduced in full in any publication.
  4. The error tagging manual will be referred to as follows: ADD PUBLICATION?.
  5. Ownership of the copyright and all related rights in the Louvain Error Tagging System shall remain with CECL although the licensee shall own the copyright in the annotations to the Corpus.
  6. CECL warrants and represents that it has the right to grant the above permission.
  7. The error tagging manual will not be distributed to a third party without specific authorization from CECL.The manual can only be used by the person agreeing to the licence terms and researchers working in close collaboration with him/her or students under his/her supervision, attached to the same institution.


If you are interested in the CECL error tagging manual for L2 French and agree to the above conditions, please complete the following form. Ensure that your email address is written correctly.

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