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436 total members
First Name : Gerard
Last Name : O'Hanlon
Affiliation : Mary Immaculate College
First Name : Joacyr
Last Name : Oliveira
Affiliation : UNICAMP-University of Campinas and USP-University of São Paulo - Brazil
First Name : Noam
Last Name : Ordan
Affiliation : Arab Academic College
First Name : Maritza
Last Name : Ortega
Affiliation : City University of Hong Kong
First Name : Susanne
Last Name : Oswald
Affiliation : University of Birmingham
First Name : Christopher
Last Name : Ott
Affiliation : Lancaster University
First Name : Chihiro
Last Name : Ozaki
Affiliation : National Institute of Technology, Sasebo College
First Name : Seval
Last Name : Özen
Affiliation : University of Freiburg