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436 total members
First Name : Akshay
Last Name : Kadu
First Name : Inga
Last Name : Kaija
Affiliation : Liepāja University, Ventspils University College, Rīga Stradiņš University
First Name : Tomoko
Last Name : Kaneko
Affiliation : Showa Women's University
First Name : Mengchao
Last Name : Kang
Affiliation : Foreign studies college in Northeastern University (China)
First Name : Petter Hagen
Last Name : Karlsen
Affiliation : INN
First Name : Sheena
Last Name : Kaur
Affiliation : University Malaya
First Name : Monika
Last Name : Kavalir
Affiliation : University of Ljubljana
First Name : Barry
Last Name : Kavanagh
Affiliation : Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
First Name : Adeel
Last Name : Khalid
Affiliation : International Islamic University, Islamabad
First Name : Elnaz
Last Name : Kia
Affiliation : University of Utah
First Name : Gihyun
Last Name : Kim
First Name : Sangeun
Last Name : Kim
Affiliation : University of Exeter
First Name : Susie
Last Name : Kim
Affiliation : Michigan State University
First Name : Taehee
Last Name : Kim
First Name : Kathrin
Last Name : Kircili
First Name : Olesya
Last Name : Kisselev
Affiliation : Pennsylvania State University
First Name : Jane
Last Name : Klavan
Affiliation : University of Tartu
First Name : Ingo
Last Name : Kleiber
Affiliation : Heidelberg University
First Name : Yurii
Last Name : Kovbasko
First Name : Rolf
Last Name : Kreyer
Affiliation : University of Marburg
First Name : Mari
Last Name : Kruse
Affiliation : University of Tartu
First Name : Khanh Duc
Last Name : Kuttig
Affiliation : University of Siegen
First Name : David Pun Lok
Last Name : Kwan
Affiliation : Sophia University Japan