The members’ directory provides an up-to-date list of the names, affiliations and email addresses of all the members of the LCA, plus a link to their homepage when available.

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436 total members
First Name : Nathaniel
Last Name : Fackler
First Name : Muhamad
Last Name : Fadzllah Zaini
First Name : Gbenga
Last Name : Falana
Affiliation : Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria
First Name : Amany
Last Name : Fashwan
Affiliation : Alexandria University
First Name : Oussama
Last Name : Ferraa
Affiliation : Mohammed V University in Rabat
First Name : Ana Abigahil
Last Name : Flores Fernandez
Affiliation : Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico
First Name : Katerina
Last Name : Florou
First Name : Lynne
Last Name : Flowerdew
Affiliation : formerly of HKUST
First Name : Luciana
Last Name : Forti
Affiliation : Università per Stranieri Perugia
First Name : Anna
Last Name : Freire
Affiliation : UERJ
First Name : Jennifer
Last Name : Frey
Affiliation : EURAC
First Name : Haichun
Last Name : FU
Affiliation : University of Nottingham
First Name : Robert
Last Name : Fuchs
Affiliation : Hong Kong Baptist University