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436 total members
First Name : Marcus
Last Name : Callies
Affiliation : University of Bremen, Germany; Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies - English-Speaking Cultures
First Name : Duygu
Last Name : Candarli
Affiliation : University of Leeds
First Name : MInne
Last Name : Cao
Affiliation : Sheffield University
First Name : Marcella
Last Name : Caprario
Affiliation : Northern Arizona University
First Name : Marcos
Last Name : Cardenas
Affiliation : Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
First Name : Erik
Last Name : Castello
Affiliation : University of Padova
First Name : Sara
Last Name : Chamosa-Rabadán
Affiliation : University of the Basque Country
First Name : Maggie
Last Name : Charles
Affiliation : Oxford University, UK
First Name : Chuanfu
Last Name : Chen
Affiliation : Yangtze University
First Name : Ian
Last Name : Chen
Affiliation : National Taipei University of Technology
First Name : Kaiming
Last Name : Chen
First Name : Meilin
Last Name : Chen
Affiliation : Hong Kong Institute of Education
First Name : Nairui
Last Name : Chen
First Name : Yagang
Last Name : Chen
Affiliation : The University of Edinburgh
First Name : Allison
Last Name : Cheung
First Name : Godswill
Last Name : Chigbu
Affiliation : University of Nigeria Nsukka
First Name : Madalina
Last Name : Chitez
Affiliation : Zurich University of Applied Sciences
First Name : Wonkyung
Last Name : Choi
Affiliation : University of Birmingham
First Name : Tieuthuy
Last Name : Chung
First Name : Letizia
Last Name : Cirillo
Affiliation : Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
First Name : Diana
Last Name : Ciubaciuc
First Name : Patrice
Last Name : Clarke
Affiliation : The University of the West Indies
First Name : Elisa
Last Name : Corino
Affiliation : University of Turin
First Name : Jennifer
Last Name : Cowell
Affiliation : University of St Andrews
First Name : Bill
Last Name : Crawford
Affiliation : Northern Arizona University
First Name : Samantha
Last Name : Creel
Affiliation : University of Florida
First Name : Elga
Last Name : Cremades