Workshop on Phonetic Learner Corpora

Date: 12-Aug-2015 – 12-Aug-2015
Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Contact Person: Jürgen Trouvain Frank Zimmerer
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Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics; Phonology

Call Deadline: 15-May-2015

Meeting Description:

Most of the data used to explore and explain phonetic variation in the speech of foreign language learners was recorded on a small-scale in experimental research. Likewise language learner corpora are usually based on written rather than on spoken data whereas phonetically annotated corpora of various speech styles do not explicitly consider language learners as speakers. However, we notice a growing number of research using large-scale collections of phonetic learner data as well as the development and investigation of full-fledged phonetic learner corpora. The aim of this half-day workshop is to bring together researchers working with large-scale data sets of speech in a background of foreign and second language learning. The target audience comprises colleagues setting up learner corpora, experts in phonetic corpora, researchers with phonetic and phonological experiments in L2 acquisition, and those with an interest in phonetic aspects of L2 teaching and non-native speech in general.

Invited Speakers:

– Anke Lüdeling (Humboldt U Berlin, Germany)
– Sylvain Detey (Waseda U, Japan) and Isabelle Racine (Geneva U, Switzerland).


Jürgen Trouvain (Saarland University, Saarbrücken)
Frank Zimmerer (Saarland University, Saarbrücken)
Mária Gósy (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)
Anne Bonneau (LORIA, Nancy)

Call for Papers:


Interested colleagues are invited to submit an extended abstract by mid May. We also plan to publish a special issue with contributions presented at the workshop. Please note that the submission deadline for this special issue will be soon after the workshop.

Important Dates:

15 May 2015: Submission deadline of a two-page abstract (ICPhS paper template)
5 June 2015: Notification of acceptance
15 June 2015: Early registration deadline (mandatory for presenters)
15 July 2015: Late registration deadline
12 August 2015: Workshop
15 September 2015: Submission deadline for planned special issue

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