“Learner Corpus Research – Theory and practical applications”

Summer school “Learner Corpus Research – Theory and practical applications”

August 27-31, 2018, University of Bremen, Germany

The faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies at the University of Bremen, Germany, is pleased to announce that it will host a summer school on Learner Corpus Research in August 2018, organised under the aegis of the Learner Corpus Association (http://www.learnercorpusassociation.org).

The aim of the event is to introduce researchers into the field of Learner Corpus Research through a series of overview lectures and hands-on sessions. The summer school is targeted at both young researchers, e.g. PhD students who have recently embarked on a learner corpus project, but also more experienced researchers from neighbouring fields such as corpus linguistics, SLA or LTA who want to know more about this dynamic, interdisciplinary field of research.

The following topics will be covered: the design and compilation of learner corpora, learner corpus methodology and annotation, statistics for the analysis of learner corpus data, combining learner corpora with other data types in SLA research and, depending on the needs and interests of the participants, a selection of elective modules (consisting of a lecture and hands-on session) on the application of Learner Corpus Research, e.g. in teaching and testing and assessment. The classes will be taught by an international team of leading experts in the field. Participants will also have the opportunity to give a brief presentation on their project and meet one of the teachers to discuss their projects individually.

A more detailed call for applications will be posted in January 2018. For further information please contact Marcus Callies (callies@uni-bremen.de).

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