IJLCR4.2 out!

Tense and aspect in Second Language Acquisition and learner corpus research: Introduction to the special issue
Robert Fuchs and Valentin Werner


The progressive form and its functions in spoken learner English: Tracing the effects of an exposure-rich learning environment
Lea Meriläinen
The use of stative progressives by school-age learners of English and the importance of the variable context: Myth vs. (corpus) reality
Robert Fuchs and Valentin Werner
Progressive or not progressive?: Modeling the constructional choices of EFL and ESL writers
Paula Rautionaho and Sandra C. Deshors
Arabic learners’ acquisition of English past tense morphology: Lexical aspect and phonological saliency
Helen Zhao and Yasuhiro Shirai
Can native-speaker corpora help explain L2 acquisition of tense and aspect?: A study of the “input”
Nicole Tracy-Ventura and Jhon A. Cuesta Medina

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